Holiday – or is it?

It is something that comes with the territory but is it right?

I know that teachers get a good deal when it comes to amount of holiday (although it is always the most expensive time to go away on holiday) but what is the expectation in terms of work when school is out?

It is during the holidays that major work is undertaken as to avoid disruption to the learning and quite right too. Unfortunately in small schools this often means it is left to the headteacher to oversee.

In my case, this year the School’s heating is having a major overhaul and the place is being turned upside down. It is a bit of a nightmare in terms of organisation and to ensure the school will be fit to open in September. The work will take the full six weeks.

My question is to what degree is it my job to give up my holiday in order to project manage this? There is no budget to pay someone and so it falls on me.

Stories in the press from the past show how contentious it is for Headteachers to give up their holiday and take some time out once September comes. Yes the school should be able to run whilst the head is away but in the day and age where we fine for school absence can this be justified to parents?

I’m not sure many people really believe that holiday time is given up in such instances but it is fact – I am proof of that yet again.

So what is expected? What is general opinion? What is right and wrong in this situation? Or is it another thing to just suck up and accept ?

About headteacher2014

I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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  1. It is a real shame that you have to miss out. I presume when you say you could take time off in September that you do not mean to take six weeks out in term time. If you were to take time off then if it is well planned with your deputy it would be an ideal time to give that person some experience of running the school. I am sure the governing body of the school would be supportive? Would the governing body not be willing to share the project management task with you over the holidays to ensure you (and your family) were able to get away for a break?

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