Importance of Moral Purpose

It has been 8 months since my last post and over two years since I decided to wear my on my sleeve with a very emotive blog about my future. 

I received a huge response from people from all over the country, offering support and advice or just sharing their own story of bullying tactics by people in authority. I gave a great deal of thought to a change of career, to leaving those who think it is straightforward to turn a school around just by sacking everyone, to get on with it and admit defeat. Such bleak and lonely days. 

Two years on I am really happy to say that I am still here, still in post and very proud of my school, staff and pupils. After many  battles, blood sweat and tears we were visited by Ofsted in November and received their acknowledgement that we were indeed a good school. 

This was no surprise to us. We have been living under the shadow of an RI judgement for many years and by sticking to our beliefs and insisting those mentioned above stay away from our school and stop damaging morale and stop gun running, we got on with the job of teaching children and changing the culture of the school.

My school is full of active learners, children quick to make it known if they are not being stretched and taught appropriately. Children who are curious about the world, who ask questions, seek answers and talk so eloquently about their leading. 

Would this have been the case if we had taken on board the advice and guidance of the powers that be? I don’t think so. We may have magically produced some decent data to keep the wolves away but it would have been superficial and not life changing in the way I believe it has been.

Standing up for what you believe in sometimes leaves you swimming in the opposite direction to those around you. This is by no means easy but the way I think about it is “how could I live with myself if I went with the flow and failed? ”

The stunning thing is those who were so distructive and critical, keen to see the back of me are now falling over themselves to praise our success and declare how they recognised quality leadership and supported? us. 

I have watched them try to squeeze any link to our success that they can for themselves. 

It is underhand and dishonest. But I can hold my head up and feel proud. Proud to sticking to my beliefs. Proud to having a wonderful team who believed in me and stood by my side. Proud of the children who are the reason we do this job after all. Proud of sticking to my moral purpose.


About headteacher2014

I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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  1. Well done!
    I am heartened to know that there are heads like you out there doing the right thing. There are too many National College clones screwing up schools and destroying careers.
    Stick with it and enjoy the success!

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