Staying True to What You Believe

These are most certainly interesting times in the world of education. Not only are we going through an emense period of change but it seems to me that the change is being instigated for the wrong reasons. 

During my time as a headteacher, I have learned many things but the one thing that is consistently being proved to me is the  importance of sticking to what you believe in. 

The politics come and go. New fads and fashions seem never ending. Politicians chasing the next headline and wanting to leave their own footprint of our world. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am a advocate of change. But change based on reason and evidence of need.

If you. Have read any of my previous blogs you will realise that I have been through many ups and downs. The times when I have been told I am incompetent because I refuse to stray from my core values and jump through hoops. I am in this business to help our young people to become functioning human beings who have the ability to make the world their own. The debate on testing, league tables, measurements of progress are all important debates but do they really enable us. To achieve our goal?

All year 6 teachers are going through the worries and concerns about hitting the governments expectations. My advice is stay true to yourself and teach the children well, teach them to be independent learners and to love learning and the tests and data will take care of themselves.

I am fed up with our profession behaving like sheep and spending too much time on what Ofsted may say. The way head teachers follow each other through rumour after rumour of what will keep ofsted happy and out of the way. 

Our job is bigger and more important than that. Our job is more important than those politicians out to stroke their egos. Our job is bigger and more important than ofsted and other external accountability structures. 

We are accountable to the children we teach and to the future society. So please stop following the crowd and bowing to the  whims that are thrust upon us. Make sure you are clear in what you believe and stay focused on making that the reality.  Do our children proud by putting them first and not the politics. I promise you it is worth the fight.

You will never please everybody and there are many times when you will come up against huge barriers and resistance but staying true to yourself and the reason you came into the job is the thing that will ensure your success. 


About headteacher2014

I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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