Just when you thought…

If you asked me a few weeks ago how things are going, I would have excitedly told you that we are in a good place and growing strong. 

This week, ask me the same and I may have a slightly different answer. 

Actually things are going well on the whole. The children are more often than not excited, engaged and driven. Standards have never been higher and outcomes look positive. 

The frustration is staffing. Like so many schools in the current climate, stakes are high, good staff are hard to come by. 

Appointing good teachers seems harder than ever. Keeping good teachers is an ever increasing challenge. 

Finances don’t allow the ability to just focus on getting the best as cost has to come into it to stay afloat. 

In a one form entry school with a minute percentage of pupil premium, we find ourselves yet again at crunch point. 

My deputy, such a key player in our school improvement, has been non-class based for the last couple of years, has suddenly had to go back into class to pick up the pieces of a failing teacher – this will be the third change of teacher for this class this year! I can’t risk another unknown teacher. 

This week my year 2 teacher (such a critical year group and a critical time) tells me she is applying for a job she will most certainly get and therefore leave us with a dilemma for year 2. Do I risk an unknown? Do I juggle my staff around, disrupting a number of classes? Do I teach them myself for a term while I recruit properly? 

All of the above is par of the course but puts us yet again in a vulnerable position. With my budget looking likely to cripple us I am reaching out for my bouncy aid again. 


About headteacher2014

I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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