Term time Holidays

It looks like this is the hot topic for debate once again. After a shocking and biased report on BBC The Oneshow yesterday and the endless barrage of media coverage it is good to see NAHT supporting us headteachers and standing up for the continuous education of our young people.
It seems to be forgotten how lucky we are in the UK to have a right to a good quality free education, something many people in some parts of the world would give anything to have. I have sat in many an international conference being inspired by men and women who have either grown up or worked in countries where those with nothing would give up everything to go to school. It has made me stop and think on many occasion how lucky I am to be able to give children a chance to achieve anything they dream of and to live a fulfilling life.
A holiday is not a right but is a luxury. Education is a right!
Since when has it become essential to go abroad on holiday?
I don’t want to use the argument that thousands of school workers can only go on holiday during school holiday times but the fact is that in schools we also have people on low wages (support staff eg cleaners, cooks) and they too can only go on holiday at peak times.
The press like to report educators as bad people but this is so far from reality. We want what is best for the children.
When children miss school it has long term impact. They do not catch up. What if it is the content of the lessons during this time that appears in their exams?
What we do in school is undermined time and time again when we are told children won’t miss much in two weeks of school. If that is the case don’t come banging down my door when your child hasn’t achieved their best academically!
Socially it has impact too. Two weeks is a long time in a young child’s life. In that time quite often, best friends have to make new friendship groups because their friend is on holiday. I have seen this many times. A child comes back and doesn’t feel like they fit in anymore. Don’t underestimate the impact here. It can effect the child for a long long time.
The change to statutory guidelines has made it so much easier for headteachers to make the stand for the importance of education. Local council members want votes so will be led by the masses and not by what is right. The call for a change back to allowing holidays is misguided.
Attendance in my school is now very high. We now have children in school and learning. Let us keep it that way.


About headteacher2014

I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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