Inspirational week

For the last six years I have looked forward to this time of year. Not because I am swamped with writing reports, writing my report to governors, evaluating school improvement plan and sef, data crunching etc etc, but because it is the time of the year for an injection of inspiration. The Seizing Success conference in Birmingham didn’t fail in it’s remit to make me think, make me question and to inspire.
Speaker after speaker reminded me about the reasons I came into this job. A very strong message once again about keeping to my moral purpose. It is so easy to forget the real reasons for entering the field as educator as policy and external pressure builds. An hour with Mick Waters and the mist has cleared again.
It’s a real shame Mr. Gove doesn’t stick around at this event longer and engage in some real debate instead of feeling it is his job to tell us to put the children first!!!!! Interesting announcement about the removal of levels- should be a very interesting time for debating with OfSTED.
Monday will see me with refreshed rigour and determination to do the best for the young people I serve. I have learnt I need to “tame my tiger” or move to Finland!
I am just wondering how I am going to find the time to read all the books I bought following the talks.
I continue my debate with the local MP who told local secondary students its ok to smoke a joint. – he has decided to call me a Marxist for some reason – good to see our politicians in such a grown up light.
Three more days of debate with LA on school improvement and with an inspirational leadership day, I am very much looking forward to the week ahead. Bring it on!!!



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I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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