People in Power

Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to. The way this country is changing from day to day makes me think we have lost what is important to society. The reported breaking down bit by bit of the NHS, the loss of local education authority, the world of targets and league tables etc etc. Is nobody prepared to ask what we really want out of life? Is it to always be the very best and if so the very best in what? Passing tests? Beating the queues? Being quicker than the previous month? Being richer than the next person? Where does quality of life come into it?
I do question those in power and their motives. Ego plays such a huge part. Look at Gove, his way is the only way. If anybody disagrees he accustomed them of not wanting the best for our young people.
Earlier this week my son and others from his secondary school visited the Houses of Parliament – a wonderful experience. Sadly the thing that was foremost in his mind on return was his shock on the words from our local MP who met them during their workshop. “When you are older don’t smoke, but if you do make sure it’s a joint”
Can you believe it? A man in such power giving this message to a group of teenagers? Funnily enough the MP is now denying this when I challenge him. He had his moment of fame on a recent comedy panel show and thinks he is now trendy and with it so I believe he thought these comments were to show how “cool” he is to these youngsters. He is a well respected quite high up MP in the party leading our country . I am deeply saddened by his lack of responsibility and flippancy. What damage could he do with such a careless words. I am taking this further as I feel it is important.


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I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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