Depression sets in

After spending last week visiting potential core subject leaders, we finally reached the day of interviews. Feeling a little despondent due to the lack of outstanding teaching I had observed I tried so hard to put my positive hat on and approach the interviews with an open mind. I so wanted the candidates to show me that they had the determination, the passion, the drive to help motivate others, inspire both staff and children in raising the standards of teaching and learning.
But here I am fed up. Apparently there is a world of good and outstanding teachers out there so why don’t they want a job in my school? I hear so much wonderful feedback from all who visit us – the number of times I have heard ” I would love to work at your school” so where is everybody now? All I want is a good teacher who can inspire others!!!
We didn’t appoint today because I didn’t see that spark, that confidence and motivation. I the profession crumbling in all the negativity that is coming from the press and the government? Are people afraid to move for fear of the unknown in this climate of change?
I am now left with a gaping hole that I have no chance of filling for September. This leaves me extremely vulnerable in our journey from requires improvement to good.
Ofsted sent me a survey yesterday to complete concerning the support they give to requires improvement schools. My question is what support? I have not seen it!! I am sure they will not be helping me put a quality teacher in my classroom and without one of those how the hell can we possibly raise standards and ensure good quality learning.
Back to the drawing board tomorrow. I am now in need of one of the magic potions or spells that my eyfs class were creating in their role play area earlier this week. HELP!


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I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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