Bank holiday weekend.

The time has flown this week. So much so I haven’t even been able to find five minutes to look at WordPress let alone post anything.
Two of my teachers recently handed in their notice of resignation to enable them to follow different paths. Very exciting for them both but a huge hole in our small school. Recruiting takes so much time and is a huge risk. As a school in ofsted’s grading “requires improvement” it is vital that we make the right choices. The pressures to ensure that the new appointments are of a high quality are immense – three more terms prior to ofsted coming back means we cannot afford to get it wrong. The children deserve the very best but how do we guarantee it? Too many times have I seen teachers perform well at interview and in demonstration lessons but come to the day to day job they just don’t cut the mustard.
It has also surprised me the lack of interest in applying for the jobs I’ve advertised. Are we at a point where teachers are so disillusioned that they are not up for a challenge? Is there already too much pressure on classroom teachers that to add whole school responsibility to that is something they don’t want?
The next few weeks are crucial. Next Tuesday is the deadline for my literacy or numeracy leader job with only one application submitted so far let’s hope the bank holiday weekend will see a few more applications coming in.


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I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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