The last few days have been the usual hectic schedule combined with a few additional unexpected issues.
We said goodbye to our French student teacher who has now headed back home to continue her studies. Hopefully with a bank of new experiences to draw upon.
It never ceased to amaze me when we have to deal with aggressive chauvinistic dads who think they can come into school and try to belittle my female staff. Such a parent tried it this week. I heard raised voiced and at first listened into the conversation. He told the teacher basically how she should do her job whilst stating how substandard the teaching is across my school. Now,strangely he does not belong to ofsted or any other professional teaching body but without ever seeing a lesson is able to make such a judgement. He must be some sort of genius.
What got to me most was his aggressive tone and body language which changed the moment he noticed me approaching. I challenged his opinions and invited him to come and discuss his issues properly in my office. He turned me down only to phone the teacher up the following day to have another go. He obviously feels some sort of power over women (as my teacher pointed out – probably inadequate in the male genital department!?) and so feels empowered if he is putting a woman down.
I am now meeting this man next week to let him know there are other schools in the area that he is welcome to take his children to if he is so unhappy with mine. I will also ban him from unaccompanied discussions with my staff.
The weekend had brought some family time. As I sit in a field, lots of layered clothing, watching my son playing that glorious summer sport of cricket. I am glad it’s not a winter sport, however it bloody feels like it today. I think I shall go and find some warm beverage to pass the time.


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I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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