That Sunday Feeling

Well I have that Sunday feeling. I have spent my day partly with the family but partly in preparation for the week ahead.
It is coming up to testing time so I have to find some time in my already tight diary to fit in some one to one pupil support to ensure that the children have everything they need to jump through their hoops.
I have a few pupils who have been working their socks off to gain the level that the government say they should be at this age of 11 but due to the time constraints put on the test will struggle to complete the test on time. They have the ability to work at the level but to demonstrate it within the 45 mins they will have will be a struggle. Is this really fair I ask myself? Ummmm no.
If it takes 15 min longer to gain the level does that make them a failure? Well in our governments eyes yes.
So each fat noon for the next few weeks I will be working with individuals to give them practice and practice and practice ( learning? No. Better at exams? Yes).


About headteacher2014

I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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