Long day

Well today has been a by long one! Was in school for before 8 am and left at 9.30pm. I did manage time to eat a small sandwich in my ten minute lunch break so I suppose I should feel grateful.
The day started with the weekly staff briefing making sure we are organised for the next week. A little bit if friction as a couple of staff are feeling like the workload is too much – two weeks off makes coming back to school a tough prospect for some.
The good news was that some of our pupils had come second place at a local inter school gymnastic competition yesterday so the highlight of the day was an impromptu performance of these displays in front of the whole school to celebrate. The children make me feel so proud and privileged to do the job I do.
It was then back to two pupil progress meetings followed by a three hour governor’s meeting to set the school budget. Much discussion over the next year’s strategies and value for money impacting on pupil outcomes.
It should be an exciting year.
Have submitted an advert for a new literacy or numeracy leader. Will be sad to see the old one go but it will be a new opportunity for somebody who fancies a challenge!
Tomorrow I am spending the day at a new Apple Hub learning how iPads etc can be utilised effectively in an educational setting. Looking forward to being inspired,


About headteacher2014

I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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