Well, I have decided to start a blog to share the day to day ins and outs of a headteacher. My school is an average sized primary school with mainly white British students.
In this present climate of change, the job is a challenging one. The pressures of politics alongside increased imposed targets, against my own beliefs and philosophies makes this period of time one of much reflection.
By putting my thoughts in writing I aim to share my personal perspective. The opinions are my own and do not in any way reflect those of others in the school I work in.
I think it is quite interesting to find myself still not wound down from school even after one week of holiday! In fact, I am very much on a wind back up to the start of a new term.
Much depends on the success of this new term. As a school that under the new OfSTED “requires improvements” the data that will be generated by the up and coming testing of phonics for six year olds, ks1 assessments and KS2 SATs, will determine the next stage of events for our school and pupils. So the pressure is on!


About headteacher2014

I am a headteacher of a primary school in England

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